Terrestrial Ecology

What we do

Bioresearches’ specialist terrestrial ecologists have the expertise and experience to assess native flora and fauna populations, habitats and ecosystems to provide clients with accurate information to support sound advice and solutions for any given project area. We have particular expertise in the survey and identification of protected and threatened species and habitats and are experienced in ecological Assessments of Environmental Effects (AEEs).

Our AEEs include:

  • Surveys of vegetation, threatened plants, avifauna, herpetofauna (lizards and frogs), fish, and invertebrates.
  • Predicted ecological impacts following adaption of cost-effective mitigation measures agreed with our clients.
  • Proposed monitoring regimes.

Our rigorous independent AEEs are well regarded by consenting authorities and we are able to obtain resource consents in situations that require compromise and trade-offs. 

As required, we provide services including relocation of wildlife and plants that will ensure biodiversity loss is minimised. 

Once project consents are obtained we offer a wide range of monitoring services.

Terrestrial Ecology

Our specialist ecologists have expertise in:

Invertebrates, frogs, lizards, birds, bats Terrestrial habitat identification and assessment Wetland delineation and assessment Assessments of Effects Mitigation and monitoring Vegetation and flora inventory, assessment and mapping Vegetation Plan development Wildlife Survey and management Native lizard captive management and relocation Expert witness at local and Environment Court Hearings

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Terrestrial Ecology
Terrestrial Ecology
Terrestrial Ecology
Contractor, June 2011

Chris Wedding of Bioresearches explains "Working with the Wildlife Act and the Resource Management Act can be challenging for contractors and developers, however, there are experts to help that can make the process easier"