Freshwater is an important natural resource and stream health can be impacted by discharges, infilling or nearby landuse. Those impacts can have negative effects both upstream and downstream of an affected area. Bioresearches' Freshwater ecologists have expertise with:
  • Freshwater habitat identification and assessment
  • Stream Ecological Valuation (SEV)
  • Assessment of macroinvertebrate and fish communities
  • Assessment and recommendations for native fish passage
  • Native fish relocation
  • Sediment and water quality analyses
  • Point and diffuse discharge assessment
  • Mixing zone assessment
  • Expert Witness at local and Environment Court hearings


To support our work in stream, watercourses and wetlands, Bioresearches has a dedicated wet lab for sample processing and storing.  


sampling_in_water.JPGBioresearches' freshwater ecologist surveying a stream