Whangamata Marina Development


CLIENT: Whangamata Marina Society
DATE: 2003- ongoing

This large scale and highly topical project drew national attention throughout the Whangamata Marina Society’s (WMS) consent process. Bioresearches were commissioned by the WMS to monitor the marine environment (water, sediment and biota) and manage and mitigate effects on terrestrial environments.


This included a robust Fauna Management Plan and an Environmental Monitoring Programme. These Plans provided a strong platform from which the WMS’s consents were granted through the Environment Court. The success of Bioresearches' mitigation programme resulted in the rescue of 259 threatened moko skinks (Oligosoma moco), a native lizard that occurred in grasslands onsite. A relocation programme, pest management and habitat enhancement were integral aspects of the mitigation. In addition, careful captive management of the skinks enabled successful births that boosted the total population to 351. The translocation is expected to result in the establishment of a new colony for this rare mainland species and is the largest ever development driven translocation of a reptile species in New Zealand.

We worked with:
HEB Construction Ltd. Bay of Plenty
Department of Conservation, Hauraki Area.
SOUL Environments Ltd.
Harkness Henry & Co.
Environment Waikato
Thames Coromandel District Council