Waterways Developments


CLIENTS: Hopper Developments Ltd.

                Pauanui Waterways Ltd, Whitianga Waterways Ltd, Marsden Cove Ltd.


DATE: 1993 - ongoing


Bioresearches has been involved in assessing and monitoring the environmental impacts of the three major waterways developments that currently exist in New Zealand, namely Pauanui Waterways, Whitianga Waterways and Marsden Cove.  Extensive assessments of the areas were made prior to consents and construction.  Bioresearches aided in the consent application process by providing expert witness statements in support of the waterways.  At all three projects Bioresearches has undertaken construction environmental monitoring of water, sediment and ecological quality.  At each waterways development a comprehensive monitoring programme was developed that includes such aspects as water quality, sediment quality, shellfish, benthic ecology and birdlife.  These programmes have been developed to allow the documentation and management of the environmental effects of each of these developments.


We worked with:

Airey Consultants, Hill Laboratories Ltd., Watercare Service Laboratory,

Hopper Developments Ltd., Marsden Cove Ltd., Whitianga Waterways Ltd. Pauanui Waterways Ltd.

Whangarei District Council, Environment Waikato