Quarry and Mining Services


Bioresearches is a member of Straterra

Minerals are an important part of sustainability in New Zealand and around the world. All green infrastructure, from wind turbines and solar panels to electric vehicles and bicycles, is made either entirely or mostly from minerals that are produced locally or imported. Bioresearches therefore believes that quarry and mining services are necessary to economic and social sustainability and are essential to the growth of green economies through responsible resource management.

Bioresearches has a long history of working with the quarry and mining sector. Among our our past and present clients include OceanaGold (New Zealand) Ltd.,Winstone Aggregates; Stevenson; Wharehine; Brookby Quarries Ltd; Holcim Aggregates; Landco and Waitakere City Council.


Our capabilities include:

Assessments of Ecological Effects

Baseline Surveys

Ecological Monitoring

SNA Evaluations

Stream Assessments and SEV

Water Quality

Ecological Management Plans

Wildlife Relocation

Expert Evidence


Brookby Quarry