Pioneering Specialist Ecology Consultancy

Pioneering Credentials

Established in 1972, Bioresearches has been at the forefront of delivering practical and cost-effective ecological solutions for clients and communities throughout New Zealand for almost 50 years.

The company was formed by biologists who saw a need for accurate information on the impacts of proposed resource extraction and land development projects on ecosystems. This information was used to inform decisions about actions that could be taken to mitigate these impacts.

Objective information and quantitative evidence-based decision-making are just as important today as they were when Bioresearches started out decades ago as a pioneer in the ecology consulting sector.

We are a member of Straterra, a collective voice for the minerals and mining sector supporting the responsible and sustainable use of New Zealand’s natural resources. We are also an accredited carboNZero CEMARS organisation and all of our staff are Site Safe certified.

Sustainable Outcomes

Bioresearches has delivered sustainable outcomes for many of New Zealand’s most significant land development and natural resource management projects.

Working with iwi, local and central government, corporates and private sector clients, our advice and understanding of the environment will minimise environmental impacts, restore the natural environment, ensure the rational use of resources and meet regulatory requirements.

Our experience in evaluating, enhancing and managing terrestrial, freshwater, coastal and marine ecosystems is second to none and we are passionate about meeting our clients’ objectives without compromising the needs of future generations.

Client Focus

Our focus is on understanding our clients, identifying their opportunities, finding solutions to their problems and achieving their goals. In this way, we are strategic advisors giving clients a clear line of sight on what needs to be done to progress their projects.

Councils around the country know who we are and trust us because we work to the highest standards, offer deep specialist expertise and meet deadlines. Our successful track record in managing ecological projects and commitment to go the extra mile to achieve desired results set us apart from our competitors.


Collaboration is a critical success factor in optimising project outcomes for our clients. Our approach typically involves drawing on the collective skills and specialist knowledge of our own experts while seeking input from key stakeholders.

After analysing the dos and don’ts of projects from all angles, shared outcomes are identified and then jointly owned. This kind of collaboration fosters innovation and allows us to deliver great results in challenging circumstances such as when projects are confronted with complex statutory hurdles and high public expectations.


Pioneering Specialist Ecology Consultancy

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Pioneering Specialist Ecology Consultancy
Pioneering Specialist Ecology Consultancy
Pioneering Specialist Ecology Consultancy