Treff Barnett

Senior Aquatic

MSc (Hons) Conservation ecology, BSc (Geography and ecology)


Specialising in

  • Freshwater ecology
  • Marine and intertidal ecology
  • Habitat assessment
  • Taxonomy

Treff has 30 years’ experience in aquatic ecology throughout New Zealand.  Her expertise includes project management in freshwater and marine ecology, environmental monitoring, including water quality monitoring for discharges, assessing the effects of land development, quarries and roads on freshwater and coastal aquatic ecosystems, reporting on freshwater and marine ecosystems in effects monitoring, baseline surveys and habitat evaluations. 

She is experienced in the classification of streams under the Auckland Unitary Plan, stream compensation, off-set and mitigation, and has a sound knowledge of the statutory documents associated with developments including the RMA, Coastal Policy Statement, Freshwater Policy Statement and the Auckland Unitary Plan.



Key Projects include

  • Brookby Quarry, Flat Top Quarry - Monitoring and expansion projects
  • Subdivision, residential and commercial development baseline stream surveys
  • True North, Puhoi to Warkworth Highway baseline survey
  • SEVs and mitigation advice