Simon West

Senior Coastal & Marine Biologist

MSc (Hons) (Marine Zoology), BSc (Biology & Earth Science)


Specialising in

  • Marine ecology
  • Shellfish contamination
  • Sediment quality
  • Expert witness

Simon surveys our harbours, waterways and beaches to monitor the health of the marine environment and also gain a measure of the impact of development on land. He measures the levels of pollution and contamination, and the impact of activities like dredging and the effect of its disposal on the coastal environment. His work includes resource consent applications and consent monitoring.

Simon has conducted a five-year shellfish resource inventory for the entire Auckland region and sees the result of wider pollution, because, he says, the sea is where everything ends up. He has noted the return of shellfish to some areas and the deterioration of others, and over time he has seen a decrease in the amount of lead in our marine environment with the advent of unleaded petrol.

Simon gained his BSc from the University of Waikato in 1989 and joined Bioresearches after completing his MSc at the University of Auckland in 1991.

As an advocate for the sea, he says that monitoring the health of the harbours, the marine habitat and its inhabitants gives a measure of wider activity including pollution and the impact of sediment runoff.


Key projects include

  • Pauanui Waters baseline and post-construction water and sediment quality
  • NZ Steel annual shellfish monitoring – environmental impact assessment
  • Watercare Manukau – comprehensive harbour ecological monitoring programme