Nicky Kerr

Freshwater Ecologist

MSc Hons

Specialising in

  • Freshwater Ecology
  • SEV (Stream Ecological Valuations)
  • Fish surveys and relocation


Nicky is part of a team that analyses the impact of projects, such as subdivisions and quarry development, on the freshwater environment. She has a sound understanding of New Zealand freshwater ecology and experience in ecological assessments across freshwater, terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Her areas of expertise include assessments of ecological effects, Stream Ecological Valuations and freshwater fish surveys, statistical analyses and the preparation of technical reports. Nicky is passionate about New Zealand’s diverse ecosystems and understands the need for effective collaboration between development and environmental sustainability. 

Key projects include:

  • Stevensons Drury Quarry extension freshwater ecological assessments, Auckland
  • Woodglen Road subdivisions, Auckland
  • Watercare marine bypass monitoring programme, Manukau Harbour